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Best-in-Class Same Day Delivery!

Our same-day delivery combines the convenience of online shopping with the immediate product access of stationary retail.

Imagine allowing your clients to order in the morning and receive the goods when they return home from work.

We provide GUARANTEED SAME DAY DELIVERY with cut off time at 1:00 PM for all e-commerce parcels with a very competitive flat price!

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Best-in-Class Same Day Delivery
Have a daily volume

Have a daily volume? Try our Dedicated Fleet service

For businesses that have volume or guaranteed demand, we offer them a dedicated, trained, co-branded fleet to fulfil only their demand and save cost instead of paying per shipment.

We can develop your own customized process, and integrate with your existing system, we have very successful cases of businesses who increased their reliability and saved cost by outsourcing their last mile delivery to a dedicated fleet provided by WeDeliver.

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Fulfillment & Storage Services in good hands

We can be your true logistics partner, focus on your business growth and enjoy our hassle-free solutions of fulfillment and storage.

WeDeliver will prepare, package and ship your store orders from our distributed fulfillment centers to your customer door.

We provide a wide range of storage options, SFDA approved warehouses, dry storage, cold or frozen to serve your business needs.

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Fulfillment & Storage Services in good hands

10 Reasons to choose WeDeliver

Real Time Tracking
Clients Support Team
Transparent Pricing
Weekly COD Reconciliation
Insurance Policy
Flexible Return Process
Verified Delivery Captains
Easy APIs Integration
Fully Digitized Service
Accepting Cash on Delivery

Grow your business with WeDeliver’s flexible, scalable same-day delivery

Start delivering with WeDeliver today and earn cash your way!

Join our growing fleet of captains! WeDeliver is an easy, flexible way to make money driving. All you need is to have a valid driving license, smartphone and to pass our onboarding process.
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WeDeliver launches First microfulfilment-hub in Mena region.

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We won first place among 100 global startups at Startup Istanbul 2019, hailed as the leading tech conference for digital minded companies in Eurasia.

WeDeliver raises $2.4 million pre-seed round

This is the largest pre-seed round for a Saudi-based start-up and the third-largest for a start-up in the MENA region up-to-date.